10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (2023)

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (1)

April 26, 2021 by Michelle Margaret Fajkus Our Top Picks 0 comments

Did you know that Spanish crossword puzzles are an entertaining and effective way to practice learning Spanish online? They make the learning process both fun and rewarding.

Read this article to learn the benefits of working on a Spanish crossword puzzle—la crucigrama—and access a curated list of 10 superb websites where you can play!

Benefits of Spanish Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are great for learners of any age or level. Whether you’re an adult beginner, an intermediate student, or a bilingual child or a teenager, regularly doing crossword puzzles comes with multiple benefits.

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (2)

1. Brain Health

All types of puzzles are beneficial to the brain. The way they sharpen your memory and learning skills is ideal for learning Spanish.

You may have heard that doing crosswords helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s true. Crosswords exercise your mind and keep it fresh and agile. What’s more, doing Spanish crossword puzzles activates extra neural pathways, since you’re engaging the brain in learning and using a second language.

2. Easy Access

You can do Spanish crosswords anytime, anywhere. The resources on this list are online crosswords, so all you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or phone. Some give the option of printing a PDF, if you prefer to do crosswords the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper.

3. Improve Your Spanish

By doing Spanish crossword puzzles and similar leisure activities for learning Spanish, you’ll progress in your Spanish abilities. They exercise your mind through memory and logic. Best of all, the game format provides a satisfying and pleasant learning experience.


Some crossword puzzles are designed specifically for Spanish learners. They teach you new vocabulary words and strengthen your knowledge of existing ones. All in all, doing word puzzles in Spanish trains you to think in Spanish. That’s a major step in the direction of fluency!

10 Amazing Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Sites

Instead of memorizing long and boring vocabulary lists, maintain your motivation to practice and expand your Spanish vocabulary in a fun, engaging way with these Spanish crossword websites!

Check out these 10 websites full of Spanish crosswords puzzles for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Pro-tip: When it comes to the clues, “across” is labeled horizontales and “down” is called verticales. Spanish Wikipedia is great for solving puzzles. What’s more, Fsolver is a search engine dedicated specifically to solving Spanish crossword puzzles!

1. Lexis Rex

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (3)

The crosswords on Lexis Rex come in three difficulty levels, they add new puzzles daily.

Solve these Spanish crosswords online simply by typing your answers directly into them. The site provides easy access buttons for entering special characters like accented vowels and ñ.

Alternatively, you can print out the crossword puzzle.

Lexis Rex is a basic, utilitarian site that features many learning resources and a number of other word games useful for learners, such as Spanish Hangman, Bingo, Memory, sentence builders and more.

2. SpanishTown

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (4)

Download two-page printable PDFs with puzzles and answer keys via SpanishTown. Their various categories including verbs, animals, insects, colors, and monsters. The crossword puzzles here are simple and kid-friendly!

This site features many free Spanish word games, matching games, practice tests, and vocabulary building activities.

3. Spanish Leve

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (5)

On the Spanish Leve website, you’ll find online crossword puzzles on a variety of basic vocabulary topics like animals, food, objects and many more. It also features verb crosswords, which is a helpful way to improve your Spanish verb knowledge and practice conjugation.

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4. Crossword Hobbyist

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (6)

“The crossword enthusiast’s paradise,” Crossword Hobbyist includes a section devoted to Spanish puzzles. Their wide selection of puzzles presents clues in a variety of ways. All of them are solvable online in the browser.

The puzzles on this site are made by other people, so the quality varies. Check the ratings and add your own. Crossword Hobbyist even provides a handy “create your own crossword” tool.

5. Mundijuegos

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (7)

Mundijuegos is a Spanish gaming website with more dazzle (in the form of design, graphics, and interactivity) than your average crossword site.

Registration is required in order to access the games, but it’s free. Enjoy playing Spanish Scrabble and other crossword-like word games against other players from every corner of the world. You could even make some Spanish-speaking friends while you play!

6. Surface Languages

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (8)

Surface Languages offers easy Spanish crosswords and word searches, both of which use the same word bank. Once you’re ready, their intermediate Spanish crossword uses more advanced vocabulary.

In case you’re a polyglot, the site features crosswords in several world languages including Afrikaans, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian.

7. Crozzbi

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (9)

Crozzbi lets you play one free crossword on their homepage. It’s a bilingual (Spanish-English) crossword!

You get the words in one language and have to fill in the translation in the other language. For example: if the description or clue is “Bye,” you’d fill in “ADIOS.”

In case you get stuck, there are two cheat buttons to either reveal a letter or a complete word.

Crozzbi’s main products are hard-copy crossword puzzle books, based on their idea that “pencil and paper are by far the best tools to learn a language.” You don’t have to stare at a screen or be connected to the internet. Plus, you cannot be distracted by notifications. These are the advantages of doing Spanish crosswords offline.

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8. Ask Paco

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (10)

Ask Paco features tons of Spanish crosswords available in three levels (easy, medium, and difficult). You may choose to see the clues in English, Spanish, or a mixture of both languages.

9. Fun Trivia

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (11)

On Fun Trivia, the bilingual crossword clues are either in English or Spanish. If it’s in English, you give the Spanish word as the answer, and vice versa. For better or worse, this website does not use accents marks. These puzzles are ideal for beginners.

10. El Pais

10 Awesome Online Spanish Crossword Puzzle Websites (12)

Lastly, for the truly serious Spanish crossword puzzler, Spain’s newspaper El País features a free daily online crossword puzzle. Doing a puzzle a day (or attempting to!) helps upper intermediate and advance students bolster their vocabulary and reading skills. Give it a shot!

Practice Speaking Spanish with Us!

We hope you enjoy and benefit from these online crossword puzzles in Spanish! They’re ideal for enhancing your Spanish reading and spelling skills. Of course, listening and speaking are also key when learning a new language. To hone those abilities, take a free class with a friendly, certified, native-speaking teacher at Homeschool Spanish Academy. With over a decade of experience and more than 20,000 active students, we know how to give each person the Spanish content they need to attain Spanish fluency.

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What is the best crossword solver? ›

The best crossword solvers on all platforms
  • Anagram Solver (Android)
  • Crossword Clue Solver (Android)
  • Crossword Solver by Havos (Android)
  • CS by LithiumApps (Android)
  • Crossword Solver King (Android)
  • Across Lite Crosswords (iPad only)
  • Anagram Solver (iPhone/iPad)
  • The Crossword & Anagram Solver (iPhone/iPad)

Are there Spanish crossword puzzles? ›

On the Spanish Leve website, you'll find online crossword puzzles on a variety of basic vocabulary topics like animals, food, objects and many more. It also features verb crosswords, which is a helpful way to improve your Spanish verb knowledge and practice conjugation.

What is the best puzzle website? ›

Answer: The top 5 most popular Puzzles and Brainteasers websites in the world in December 2022 are:
  • quordle.com.
  • sudoku.com.
  • wafflegame.net.
  • wordunscrambler.me.
  • heywise.com.

What is the most popular crossword puzzle? ›

The New York Times crossword puzzle.

Is Googling crossword answers cheating? ›

Similarly, some people solve crosswords to learn more about a subject or to improve their English. In these cases, looking up answers helps them to achieve their goal, meaning it's not cheating.

Are there any good crossword apps? ›

The general consensus is that the New York Times Crossword is the best crossword app you can get.

What do you call a person who loves to solve puzzles? ›

Whether you call them dissectologists or puzzlers, they all have a love of jigsaw puzzles in common, along with the sense of accomplishment, skill, and fun that goes along with them.

What's this in Spanish crossword? ›

The crossword clue This, in Spanish with 4 letters was last seen on the December 09, 2022. We think the likely answer to this clue is ESTO.

What is the difference between Spanish 101 and 102? ›

If you took the SAT Spanish Subject Test, follow this guide: Score under 380: SPAN 101: Fundamentals of Spanish Language and Culture I. Score of 380-440: SPAN 102: Fundamentals of Spanish Language and Culture II. Score of 450-540: SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture.

Does ABCYa have Spanish? ›

ABCYa! only has an English version but it does provide a couple of games in Spanish. Students and teachers can use this website for free but in order to keep it free of cost there are ads on the pages.

Where can I play crosswords for free? ›

BestCrosswords.com is the largest supplier of free crossword puzzles on the web, publishing 15 grids daily from an archive of more 100,000. You can play in your web browser, smartphone, tablet or print in high resolution. No registration required.

Where can I download crosswords for free? ›

On Google Android, it's called Crossword Puzzle Free. Hop over to an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, and you've got Crossword Puzzle Redstone. Both names are accurate, since it is indeed a free app published by Redstone Games. Enjoy free packs of crossword puzzles every week.

How do you get the nyt crosswords for free? ›

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle can be played at nytimes.com/games, on the The New York Times Crossword app (iOS and Android), and on The New York Times News app (iOS and Android).

Is USA Today crossword no longer free? ›

The USA TODAY Crossword app is free to download and play. In-app purchases are available for subscriptions.


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