Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (2023)

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February 04, 2022

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Ah, Orlando. The city of lights. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more romantic city on God's green Earth.

Okay, we're being a bit sarcastic, but the City Beautiful knows from beauty. And where there's beauty, romance isn't far behind.Orlando's exploding culinary scene has left us with plenty of romantic spots to take a date, whether they go for ambiance, excellent food or incredible views. (Heck, some places have all three!)

With so many spots to choose from, we left it up to the amateur critics at Yelp to help us pick the best eateries for folks with nothing but butterflies in their stomachs.

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Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (2)

Maxine’s on Shine

337 N Shine Ave., 407-674-6841
”This is a great neighborhood place, with artisanal food and live music. Sunday Brunch is definitely bustling, and is not a place for intimate conversation! The cheese plate offers a nice selection with appropriate accompaniments. Deviled eggs were also nicely done, with some exotic spices. Hot chicken and waffles relied on a spicy barbeque sauce rather than a Nashville preparation. Service was attentive, and the music was good.” – Steve A.

Photo via Jyl C./Yelp

Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (3)

The Waterfront

4201 S Orange Ave., (407) 866-0468
” Food was fresh and great tasting. There is outdoor area w a view of the lake. The inside was comfortable. The inside features wooden planks everywhere and filled w surf decor. Good for dates, friends and families.” - Ian V.

Photo via D.A. V./Yelp

Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (4)


101 S Eola Drive, 407-601-5219
”I ordered the pan seared mussels my mate ordered KFC chicken and the tomato jam jar. The chicken came first fresh out the oil fried perfectly, the Korean bbq sauce wasn't overbearing and let the chicken flavor shine through. I was Particularly taken aback by the tomato jam jar... the sweetness of the tomato is something I haven't ever experienced before and married nicely with the ricotta cheese. The mussels came in a huge bowl heavily flavored by the sautéed garlic and herbs, the white wine and tomatoes tempering the sharpness of those flavors perfectly. I am impressed... I'm writing this review as I wait for my check, I cannot wait to bring my foodie friends to experience this food. Good job RusTeak!” – Gabryel C.

Photo via Mich V./Yelp

Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (5)

The Monroe

448 N. Terry Ave.., (407) 734-2102
” Great for drinks & great for food! What more can you want? It's owned by the same owners of Reyes and you can tell from how aesthetic The Monroe is! I absolutely love the decor and vibe of this restaurant. It's perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, a date night, a GNO, birthdays, and literally any occasion!.” -Sara P.

Photo via Charles M./Yelp

Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (6)

The Ravenous Pig

565 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, 407-628-2333
"The Ravenous Pig is hands down one of the best restaurants in Orlando. Their ever-changing menu is consistently exciting and delicious. Both brunch and dinner are amazing. Favorite dinner dishes that I've had include Ricotta Agnolloti, the Cheese & Charcuterie Boards (ALWAYS good), and Crab Tortellini (incredible). Awesome brunch dishes I've had include Elvis French Toast (heavenly), Loaded Hash Browns, Biscuits & Gravy, and Chicken & Waffles. Their ingredients are top-notch and so much love & attention to detail goes into every dish. Cannot rave about this place enough." – Ash W.

Photo via Michael C./Yelp

Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (7)

Capa Steakhouse & Bar

10100 Dream Tree Blvd, Disney World, 407-313-6840
”All if the great stories you've heard about Capa are true! This steakhouse doesn't just put quality in their food, but also in their service! I came in in steak! However we received much more! We started with drinks as I ordered the "In Spanish Fashion" which started as a drink similar to an old fashioned, but it slowly turned into a Manhattan. This information was provided by our awesome server, Michael who also recommended the beverage for my taste. There are also some mocktails in the menu, for children or anyone who doesn't want alcohol, but the feel of a cocktail.” – Travis J.

Photo via Jeff H./Yelp

Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (8)

Enzo’s On The Lake

1130 S US Hwy 17 92, Longwood, (407) 834-9872
”Oh what a place. The atmosphere as well as the food was top notch. Servings were well proportioned. Great for a romantic dinner. Definitely will be going back.” -Anthony D.

Photo via Michelle S./Yelp

Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (9)

Oudom Thai & Sushi

100 S Eola Dr., 407-849-3739
”Oudom is one of my favorite Thai/sushi restaurants in all of Orlando. Their sushi is super fresh, so many options, and happy hour is great too! The real winner for me is their Thai food. My husband and I traveled to Thailand in 2017 and fell in love with spicy green curry. Since then, we've search high and low throughout Orlando to find a restaurant that makes curry like they do in Thailand, and Oudum is the winner! They use Thai eggplant, keffir limes, and all of the same ingredients in true Thai curries. It's so delicious and we only come to Oudum for Thai food now. Always great service too.” – Jenna L.

Photo via Lyndsey R./Yelp

Orlando's 20 most romantic restaurants according to Yelp (10)

Kres Chophouse

17 W Church St., 407-447-7950
”Fantastic date night experience in the heart of downtown Orlando! We were seated right away for our dinner reservation and told the menu changes daily. We opted for the warm spinach and bacon salad because well, bacon, and heirloom tomatoes are never a bad start. I opted for the ribeye while hubs went for the New York strip. Both came out quickly and were great cuts. Truly a great dinner that will be remembered!” – Holly F.

Photo via John F./Yelp

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