The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (2023)

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February 14, 2020

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Earlier this week, Yelp released its annual list of "100 most romantic" restaurants in the country, and a couple of Orlando spots made the list.

To come up with the rankings, Yelp went through a large number of reviews mentioning the words “romantic,” “Valentine’s Day” and “date night” between Jan. 1, 2019 and Jan. 14, 2020, and ranked the restaurants in order along with other key factors like volume of reviews, and total ratings.

While this national list was certainly interesting, we wanted to know more about what local Yelpers thought about Orlando restaurants. So, we reached out to the company and they gave us an exclusive list of the "most romantic" spots located in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. You may notice that this list is a little different than the national ranking, and that's because what you see here is an all-time list, that includes reviews from the beginning of Yelp Orlando all the way through today.

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The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (2)

Vines Grille & Wine Bar

7533 Sand Lake Rd., 407-351-1227
”Great wine selections and lounge atmosphere. Late night there is normally a DJ or live music playing. It's always a fun dance and party atmosphere, while still being classy and sophisticated. They have a great happy hour as well as some delicious appetizers! The table side bacon is amazing. I have not dined for dinner, but the tables near the bar area can be a bit loud, so just make sure that is what you are prepared for when you dine there. They have fabulous martinis as well as many local events.” – Brittany F.

Photo via Vines Grille & Wine Bar/Yelp

The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (3)

California Grill

4660 World Dr., Disney World, 407-939-3463
”Absolutely stunning restaurant located on the top floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort. Be sure to use the check in desk on the second floor of the resort so you can take the exclusive elevator with a cast member that takes you up to the Grill. The restaurant offers beautiful views of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot from its windows and its three observation decks. Bottles of wine adorn the walls in coolers and bright colors and funky light fixtures decorate the dining rooms. The food is absolutely delicious and worth the hefty price tag. The spicy Kazan roll is one of the best sushi rolls I have ever had and the new moon roll was a close second! The fish was fresh and the sauces on the roll paired perfectly with its contents.” – Christie A.

Photo via Emma B./Yelp

The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (4)

Seito Sushi

8031 Turkey Lake Rd, 407-248-8888
”One of my favorite places to go for sushi rolls on the east and west coast. This place is always a must when I'm in the Orlando area. We finally ordered every single roll on their menu to try during our last visit and you can't go wrong with any of them. The freshness, flavors, and creativity of their rolls are always on point! Service might be a bit of a hit or miss since this place is always so busy but we have never minded. Our servers have always been really kind and helpful.” – Carol Y.

Photo via Ryan A./Yelp

The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (5)

Enzian Theater

1300 S Orlando Ave., Maitland, 407-629-1088
”One of my favorite spots in Orlando. I've been coming here for a few years and it never seizes to amaze me. They critically acclaimed films from The Film Festival, New Indie releases, Cult classics and even Movies on the lawn. This is also no ordinary theatre because it's dine in so you can order food and drinks to enjoy while you watch. They make great drinks and food at the Eden Bar which you can also order outside at the bar. Sometimes Enzian is the only place playing these movies and it's nice to know they will. I've seen just about every Wes Anderson release here. Nothing like waiting in line for the a movie you've been waiting all year for. Enzian is the perfect place for a movie night with friends, a romantic date or a movie on the lawn with your family.” – Ashley B.

Photo via John L./Yelp

The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (6)

Morimoto Asia

1600 E Buena Vista Dr., Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, 407-939-6686
”We had the spicy tuna roll and chicken dumplings as appetizers. I much preferred the sushi as you could definitely tell it was quality. The dumplings were ok but I found them a bit too spicy and ours seem to fall apart quite easily. For dinner, I had the Morimoto Buri Bop which was absolutely amazing. They make it in front of you so it's basically dinner and a show. The yellowtail was perfectly seared on one side and sashimi on the other. Since it continues to cook as you eat, the bottom rice starts to get a little crunchy which adds a really nice texture to the dish as you enjoy it. Decor inside is beautiful. I would highly recommend reservations though, as they can get quite busy especially on the weekends.” – Stephanie C.

Photo via Jensine I./Yelp

The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (7)

Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen

6967 Lake Nona Blvd, 407-955-4340
”This place is awesome! Myself and four of my friends visited here recently and ordered the 30 oz ribeye. This steak is meant to feed 2-4 ppl. And let me tell you it most certainly did that. The ribeye steak is one of the best if not the best steak in Orlando. We also tried their Deviled Eggs with crab meat and the Brussels spouts. Both were surprising delicious and made us crave the steak even more. This is a ideal date night spot. The have a full bar and a fantastic wait staff. Shout Out to our server Mel. She was super cool and her service and that magnificent steak is why I will be returning. Next time I visit I am going to try the lamb two ways!” – Rommel V.

Photo via Chris J./Yelp

The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (8)

Jiko - The Cooking Place

2901 Osceola Pkwy, Disney World, 407-938-4733
”I've tried almost the entire menu. Appetizer, scallops or wild boar. It's hard to choose between the two. Both extremely different but extremely tasty. The scallops are perfectly pan fried with a lovely sauce. The wild boar was quite a surprise. I'm not one for "gamey" meats, but the boar was not gamey at all. Lovely seasonings. Main course fav is the lamb shank. This is my favorite thing on the menu. Beautifully presented, fall off the bone tender every time. A tart spread on the side makes for an exquisite bite every time. Cocktails were tasty and desserts are all a beautiful finish to your stimulated taste buds.” – Jonathan L.

Photo via Jonathan L./Yelp

The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (9)

Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

7972 Via Dellagio Way, 407-370-3359
”I've given rave reviews over the years to Dragonfly Grill and still love the restaurant. This review is about their Sunday all-you-can-eat brunch with optional selection of drinks. The sake sangria was excellent. The wide range of basic Japanese dishes were supplemented with made-to-order items from a small menu. Cauliflower salad made so good you couldn't believe it was made from cauliflower. I think the brunch is a nice change. The dinner menu remains my favorite because it offers chef's selections. You simply have to dine both times” – Elizabeth C.

Photo via Tyler G./Yelp

The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp (10)


4401 Grand, Disney World, 407-824-1400
”We sat at a beautiful table looking out at the water. [Our server] was a seasoned professional attending our every need. We started with perfectly prepared calamari. (Not rubbery, over fried, or over seasoned but tasted like seafood.) Then we all had an assortment of salads. My Caesar was the best. It didn't look like a traditional Caesar but it tasted better than one I've eaten in a long time. We all found our dishes delicious. Lemon pasta with shrimp, pork chops, and a scallop dish. Our main dishes were between 42 to 58 dollars each. Wine selection was OK. If you are eating in the evening, try to plan it so you are there at 9:15 pm so you can watch the firework display. They turn down the lights in the restaurant and pipe in music. It was a fun addition to our experience.” – Amber A.

Photo via Pamela M./Narcoosee’s/Yelp

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